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(Archived) Thanks for improving Tags entry on Windows


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I just discovered that there is finally an unrestricted way to enter multiple tags, which is to do it on the pop-up single note editor.


Great, because unlimited is what we need.


The tag entry on the Evernote window itself is still far too restricted, and very awkward past two or three tags. You have to keep hitting the expand button, then the Add Tag button, for each added  tags.


Instead, the  UI should just get out of your way -- as it used to do. It used to work much  more as the single-note editor, and if I recall, just add lines  to  the tag space if more were needed.


Please unify these two, and by doing  so, fix the main Evernote window tag entry - on Windows!


Tags are a very important  method in actually using Evernote, so it's worth it.


Thank you.

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