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(Archived) Feature request: "Pick a custom folder to be indexed"

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This may sound a bit OT, but would it be possible to use the EN indexing to index any local folder (meaning: not only the database) ?

This way EN could "borrow" some of the functionality of other software and add-ons such as Firefox Scrapbook which is capable of capturing site structures and graphics and much more.

At the moment I am all the time struggling with the decision whether to capture notes to EN or to use Scrapbook. Tagging, indexing and general editing functionality makes one favor EN but graphics, CSS, highlighting (especially this!) and possibility to capture sites with structure sometimes suggests the use of Scrapbook.

Making the indexing work with Scrapbook data folder would help a lot. I believe many would benefit from this kind of "pick a custom folder to be indexed" functionality.

And why not use the same tactics with tagging...? :D

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