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Hi Everyone,


I am new to evernote and liked the look of "The Greatest Secret" way of nesting tags to GTD. I spent an hour or two creating all tags on windows and later went to my tablet (Android) and its all messed up. When I click on tags it doesn't display any notes unless I tag everything with the "Parent" tag also.


e.g .when 1-Now


Im sure this has been covered before but is there a workaround to get this working/displaying as it does on the windows app or online? I don't really want to create tags like this .when1-Now, I would like to keep things nested if possible.


If that isn't possible is there another way of doing it that is similar and works across all of the platforms?





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In my experience, tag search works the same, functionally, on Android as it is on the desktop; in other words, parent tags don't matter, only the specific tags that are applied to a note. Perhaps if you were more specific about exactly what you are trying to do, we could help to figure it out.

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Apologies, I wasn't very clear.


When I set up Tags with a Main and then subtags like this (One the windows program):












If I drag Notes straight to one of the subtags and not the main tag (.when, .Where etc), when I open evernote on my android, no notes show up when I click on any of the subtags. Its as though I haven't tagged them. The only way to get them to show up is by tagging the note with both the main and subtag (.When and 1-Today etc). I don't want the main tag to show up on the notes because when I use the main tags .When .Who .Where and .What + a subtag from each category it clutters up the tags lines with those unnecessary tags. I would like to keep the main tags as it keeps the tags in order.


Is there anyway to make it work by just tagging with the subtags and not the main tag aswell?



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This works fine on my Android device. I have a tag structure that's (partially) like this:



I have 6 notes tagged with "Architecture", only one of which is also tagged with "Computer". On the Android, if I bring up the Tags panel, navigate to the "Computers" tag (but don't select it), and then tag on the subtags box and select "Architecture" in the resultant list, I get all six notes tagged with "Architecture", just like on the desktop.


Not sure what the difference is. You may want to consider opening a support request.

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No. I tag them once. The tags are the same on all of my devices. Tag as "Architecture" on PC, it's the same on my Android devices. What I am saying is that I don't need to also tag with the parent tag ("Computer" in my case) to be able to find notes tagged with "Architecture" on the Android, which is what I understand you to be claiming.

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Reinstall fixed it thankfully.


Is there any way to get the tags to display in order as they do on windows? When I hit "Tree" it doesn't seem to work. 

The Android client can display tags in three ways:

* Note count : this is is a flat list of tags, ordered by the number of notes that use the tag, from highest to lowest

* Title : this is a flat list of tags, ordered alphabetically by name

* Tree : the is a tree-ish list of tags (the tree isn't portrayed exactly as it is in, say Windows). You initially see the top level, ordered alphabetically, with subtags listed on the right-hand side, as many as will fit. Click on the subtags area, and the top-level list of subtags will appear, each of which may have subtags, which is handled as before.


Note that "alphabetical" order may be different with respect to special characters like '_', '@', etc.

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