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Evernote vs. Gmail and server sharing

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Hi there,


I recently sought permissions from my company to download Evernote, and in the process of signing this off my bosses are wondering

  • why I would need it – can our system not do this too?
  • ...if not, why aren't we all using it at the company?

I am by no means an Evernote expert; I was simply hoping that – working in PR – it would help bring some more order to my personal output day-to-day. I am yet to find the app on my phone indispensable, and am in two minds about this: will it just be another account to manage, I wonder?


In any case, I have been asked to explain what it provides that Gmail (and [internally] sharing files on the server) cannot.


I was hoping for someone of worthier brain capacity than myself might be able to shed light on this: I have no idea about the usability of Evernote in my life, but would like to try it out. Any Evernote evangelists/sceptics who would like to provide some clarity for me out there? I'd be very grateful.

Thank you,


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Hi - welcome to the forums.


Evernote gives you the ability to save (or 'clip') some or all of any email or web page,  any document and any pictures or sound files into a secure searchable database that is available on any device to which you have access. You will however be able to share anything you choose with anyone you require.  You will also be able to set reminders to anticipate future activities.


Gmail doesn't do that,  and I'd guess your corporate system isn't quite that flexible either.


I'm also working in areas that overlap PR and find this sort of facility ideal to gather ideas,  facts and examples together so that if I needed to write a piece on aquariums (forinstance) about which I currently know nothing,  I could very quickly acquire the technical details and some practical examples from which I would be able to generate useful -and technically accurate- copy.

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I second gazumped's comments. 


Here are a few real life things I use Evernote for:


1. Found Time

While in a doctors's waiting room, I wrote the outline for a one day time management course I was developing entirely on my Android smart phone in Evernote.


2. Evernote Checklists

I LOVE Evernote for checklists. I have checklists for speaking, camping, setting up web sites, travel and anything where I am worried I will forget something. And I love that I can create checklists and share them with my readers and students. Here is a business networking checkist I did in Evernote to help people be more successful at networking events.


3. Web Capture

The web clipper is great. Any time I find a web site I like, I just clip it to Evernote, I use Feedly to read my news on my smart phone and tablet and then use Evernote on these mobile devices to save articles I will want to refer to later.


4. Auxiliary Brain

Evernote is my auxiliary brain. Anything I think of, I dump into Evernote so I can find it later, And it is on my computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet so I can access it no matter what device I am using.


5. Personal Stuff

I also use Evernote for personal stuff and hobbies, including:

  • Music tablature
  • Wood carving tutorials
  • Christmas gift list
  • Social gathering planning
  • Vacation and adventure planning and more

Hope this helps, Ella!

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