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Change Creation Date on aNdroid

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I am trying to use Evernote on Android as a journal of the days events at work.


I often catch up entering my events last thing at night - sometimes after midnight. (I have that sort of job!)


When I enter a note such as "Fred was twenty minutes late again!", I want that to be dated for the time and date that Fred was late, However, if I am entering that retrospectively, it has  a 'creation date' of the following day.


For example - I want to enter "Fred was late again!" to show up as created on Sunday, 1st January at 10.20am. - but I don't get around to inputting it until two o'clock in the night. Now it looks like Fred was late at 2.00am on Monday 2nd January.


If I want to search for everything that happened on 1st January, Fred's tardiness won't show up, because Evernote thinks he was late on Monday.


I believe that the creation date can be changed on the PC version. Can I do it on the Android, and if not, why not?


Thanks for any help.


FYI - I have been using Orange Diary which lets me date my entries, but I was hoping to take advantage of the online and multi-platform benefits of Evernote. Plus I'm about to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which makes a big thing about having Evernote integration or something.

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You can't change the creation date of a note in Android - reason: because the app doesn't allow you to.  No-one presumably thought it would be an issue on the mobile app - you're in more of a position to make contemporaneous notes with a mobile device than a desktop.  Personally if I had to record that type of information I'd do it as a text string in the title - "20140101-1020" because if you search "intitle:Fred" and "intitle:201401* " you'll get all the notes for Fred in January 2014,  which you can then sort into date order as necessary.

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Hi gazumped


Thanks for your reply.


It's pretty much as I guessed. I can't be bothered with typing all that date and time text string each time I make an entry. It's a bit of a bother and should really be entered with just a couple of clicks. 


I've since found another Android diary app with a matching browser diary. It does all I need it to. I can make diary entries with folders and tags as needed - and I can do it on my phone as something happens, on my office PC when I get back to my desk, or later, on the bus, or in bed or in the place where I do most of my thinking. But I don't have to try to remember the time and date backwards!!


So, it's sorry - farewell Evernote.. you're not for me.

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