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Problems starting to use Evernote



I have a Macbook Pro, using Lion. I got an Evernote account in 2009 and downloaded it then. I never used it. I now really need something like Evernote, so I assumed that it would have been updated since then and that I should start over.


I put the application in the trash and downloaded another version. It apparently recognized me, said it was checking for notes. (There are no notes yet). Did I want to start using it while it was still looking for notes? Yes, I clicked. Well, now it just sits there, both last night and today, saying “Please check your Internet connection or try again later," with an annoying little clunk sound every two seconds (while I have had it open).  I've never been able to get in. 


Meanwhile, if I go online and try to get into my account, there sits Evernote, apparently working just fine. 


1.) Why isn't the app that I downloaded to my computer working? (I know, it's as if I think you are all mind readers. ;)


2.) So, there are two versions of this or something? In the cloud and on my computer? 


3.) What I really need are lists that I can easily make and then rearrange their order without any problem, continuing to add to them as time goes by. Am I even using the right app? 


Thank you!




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2. Evernote has both applications that run on your preferred computing platform and it has a web interface.

3. Possibly not. While you can make lists in Evernote, the only way to rearrange the lists is by good old copy and paste. Apparently, people who use a lot of indented lists get particularly testy when trying to use Evernote for that. You also cannot rearrange the order in which notes are displayed. You're limited to the preset sorting option. I would, however, recommend that you spend a bit of time playing with Evernote (once someone resolves question 1) as you may find that it's useful, if not for taking lists, than for many other things such as storing web clippings, documents for easy retrieval.

Best of luck.

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