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(Archived) When I Save a Note, the Font Randomly Changes



As I'm editing text, when I save a note (command-S), the fonts randomly change. Really odd.

This happens especially in my To-Do lists, which makes me wonder if maybe the To-Do list item box is a hack from a particular font, and that I'm doing something dumb that causes my text to be marked up with tons of font setting tags.


1. Is there any way to edit my notes in "code" view? Source view? Like a secret command-key shortcut? That would kick ass.

2. What is the font that the square checkbox comes from? Maybe if I just use that font, my trouble will go away?


1. Saving a text file should not cause the font to randomly change size or font set.

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I'm having the exact same issue and its driving me crazy, I cant keep my doc in the same size font. They keep changing as I type and mainly when the note seems to sync with the server. Also, the font appears to be different for the iphone as well. This is definately a problem that needs some attention!

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I am also having this problem. Just a second ago, I had a note open in an editing window. I switched into another program for a minute and came back to find that everything I typed had been transformed into x-small font. Highlighting the text and changing the font size has little effect. It's only after actually changing the typeface that I can regain control over the appearance of my text.

Also, it seems like half the time the font listed in the editing drop down and the size are wrong compared to what I'm actually typing at that moment.

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