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Username / Mail management

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Hi everyone!


I just decided to give a try to EverNote.

I've registered from the box in EverNote home page with my main mail; I was assigned with a username generated from my mail... that I don't really liked. I've tried to change it, but I wasn't able to.

So, I've deleted the account and created a new one using the registration form, where I can set my username and email; I've used a second mail account, since the main one, even if the account was cancelled, can't be used. Than, after the registration, I've tried to change the mail, but this is still not possible due to tha fact that my mail account is still related to the deleted account.


What to do? How can I set my main mail account for EverNote?


Thanks for the support




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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Accounts aren't really 'deleted' from Evernote (AFAIK) unless you raise a support request.  So log back into the original accounts and change the email address to something random to free up your main address.


If that fails,  raise a support ticket - we don't have under the hood access at the forums,  but the Tech Guys can reset things as necessary.

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Thanks gazumped, this did the trick.



- revive the old account (if previously deleted)

- connect with the "wrong" account

- change the mail address with one that you don't want to use (obviously, not the one used but the newly created account)

- disconnect and connect with the new account

- change the mail with the desired address (the one previously use by the "wrong" account)

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