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Can I play all the audio files as a playlist that are in different notes?

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Thanks for the reply. I wish there was a way as I would like to play the short lectures in a row. Also there is lot related to audio that needs improvement like editing the audio etc. It is only possible with Evernote app to have full fledged features. 

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I wouldn't want to play all audio files.This would be confusing and tedious if you had hundreds or thousands in there.

Just create relevant note books and tag them the way you need for semesters or something including subjects.

I'm sure you can work something out.

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Wouldn't help you with the play list as such,  but you could use an external app to record a standard format like MP3 to get extra features.  The files could be embedded into a note and played (one by one) from there.  Or you could store them on a DropBox (or similar) account and link to the account from a note and run a playlist from there into your separate app.  It may be feasible,  but you'd need to do some experimentation to work out the details.

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