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Pondering Enex Export

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DTS: 02172014-2033




RE: Pondering Enex Export


Much of the information on the.enex export is scattered across search engines especially Google Web Search. I was reviewing the back-end architecture of the Evernote network regarding gates and information transport from layer to layer. It appears the Evernote interface is basically a "reader." I'm pondering the application of .enex such as sharing, encryption and control.


On a test export, I see the enex file is an XML map containing data referencing the file's structure. Referring back to Evernote's network architecture would relate each notebook stack as a directory containing directories (notebooks) containing enex files; this is great!


1. Since the enex file is an XML map containing data referencing the file's structure, how much of the original permission sets remain?


2. If none, then how much control does the original holder retain after import anonymous or not?


3. If none, then is an encrypted enex better shared than live sharing with an URL reference?


4. Then is it better to export enex from EN Business than personal since the enex should call up the EN business mainframe from which it was exported?


Thank you,


Mario F Stevenson

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