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What's Your Oddest Note?

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After watching a particularly long "can't remember what letters they already called" final spin round of Wheel of Fortune, I created a used letter board using checkboxes. Pop it up on my phone and as each letter is called I check the box. When the puzzle is over, clear all the checkboxes and start again! I hardly ever use it but it was a fun "looky what I can do with Evernote" experiment. 


What's the oddest thing YOU have saved in Evernote? 

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Can't say that I have "odd" notes in the way you mean. My odd notes are just ones I failed to clarify why I made them in the first place. But I really like your post! You're doing what I've always done on paper to solve puzzles except you've gone high-tech with it. What a great idea! :)


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