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I'm looking for some help regarding a file that I'm trying to move from my phone to my PC.

I recently made an audio note on my android phone that won't sync to my computer. Looking through the directory, I haven't found a file that seems to resemble what could be that note. Does anyone know how or where audio notes would be saved on an Android phone?

I found a .dat file that's sizable and could be the audio clip, but I don't know how to open it.


Does anyone have any advice for a file that refuses to snyc?

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Don't see that a 5MB file should cause a problem because of the size - that could be a note with a couple of pictures in it.  You're not exceeding any limits that I'm aware of.  I'd suggest you raise a ticket with the support team - they may be able to help rescue the data or get you synced.  Till their response comes in,  just keep on trying to sync - use your best wifi signal and a charger connection so there are no interruptions!


-And in the future you might want to use an external recorder app that will save the file to your card as a standard-format sound file.  You can embed that into a note - and you can also transfer it via DropBox or something similar pretty easily.

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