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(Archived) Brand new to Evernote Touch and Lost


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So I just got a new Samsung with the Windows 8 platform, and it is accompanied by Evernote Touch.  Problematically (and I know it's my fault), I find this program to be useless and counter-intuitive.  I see all of the rich content in the tutorials with multi-purpose notes, tags, web pages, etc....but when I use the program I feel like its a fairly primitive word processor that is really hard to navigate.  Is there a tutorial out there that will help so it proves this program to be as great as everyone says?  Any help is appreciated.

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I took a look. Thank you.  Just wondering, on all of these tutorials they show web page screen shots/maps/pictures/etc on the note page.  What do you have to do, just take screen shots or do you actually link web pages?  I pasted a link and it's not displaying the actual web content, just the link....and you can't hyperlink with it.  Confusing....

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Sorry but you're using Evernote on a platform I don't use. I'd take a turn through the user guide. And maybe look at some of the other threads for your platform. Perhaps other people's questions and the answer's they've gotten will give you some direction. 


One of the great strengths of Evernote is that is cross platform. So, if I clip web pages on my computer, I can view them on my iPad. I can email notes in. I can take pictures on my iPhone. Evernote is not simply an app. It's system for storing, organizing and finding information. And it can be a lot to take in all at once. 


Best of luck. 

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