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When I move a note into a different notebook the note disappears from screen



This is something that happens to me all the time when using the Evernote OS X app:  I create a new note (CMD-n) and realize that it is in the wrong notebook. So I click on the notebook name (top left corner of the note) and select a different notebook. When I do this, the note disappears from the screen! Evernote has apparently moved my new note to the destination notebook, but is now displaying an older note from the notebook that I was looking at when I created the new note. So to bring back the note that I had just created I now need to manually click on the notebook where I moved it into.


This behavior of Evernote is non-intuitive and slows down my work flow.


Am I using Evernote in a wrong way or is this just intended behavior?



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This behavior, while perhaps surprising, is entirely consistent with the design of Evernote. Think about it -- you've chosen a notebook to look at (the "notebook I was looking at when I created the new note"), and when you stick the new note in a different notebook, it's no longer part of the current notebook, so your view just switches to the next note in that notebook. In Evernote's world, the current search criteria (like a particular notebook) is the guide to the notes being displayed.

It's sort of a 50-50 proposition: this is actually a useful behavior for cases when notes get put into Evernote via some automated process. Many people use import folders, for example, which pull a note into a designated notebook. Common practice is to have a special "Inbox" notebook as the target, and to process that notebook at intervals in order to file notes in their proper notebooks. The current behavior makes it easy to do; just select the new notebook, and move on to the next note that needs to be moved.

I can't speak to the Mac client, but the Windows client gives you the ability to create a new note as a separate Window (using the Ctrl+Alt+N shortcut); since the note in the separate window isn't affected by the note list filter, you can change its notebook all you want, and it stays open. Maybe there's a similar facility in the Mac client.

Another alternative: switch to the notebook that you want the note to appear in, and then create the new note. It will take on that notebook. When you're finished with it, use the history traversal to go back in your note history to place you in your starting notebook. I believe that that is available on the Mac (it's Alt+LeftArrow under Windows).

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When making new notes, I generally start from the All Notes view. If i decide the note belongs in a different notebook than the default (admittedly rare), I change it. Because, though, I'm looking at all notes, it doesn't disappear. 

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