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Evernote widget and unexpected results from skitch button

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I love the functionality in Evernote and just recently discovered skitch (just hadn't dug that deep into functionality before) and decided I would graduate from a button launch of Evernote to a widget.  When I hit the skitch button in the widget, I am brought directly to creating my own drawing from a blank page where I expected to be given the options for marking up whatever type of page/document I wanted (e.g. photo, web page, etc.).  After quite a bit of trial and error, I've concluded that the widget button for skitch only allows this single option....or am I mistaken?


I realize that everyone wants to streamline keystrokes and everyone has a different favorite use for apps like skitch--and that skitch is also a separate, standalone product from Evernote (perhaps too standalone to be considered integrated). But, wouldn't it make more sense to either (1) allow the button to launch skitch and allow you the options of what type of document you want to "skitch on" (like the skitch app does when launched), or (2) to provide a default document type in your widget settings under the skitch button to identify a preference rather than only allow you the option of drawing on a blank page?  


Perhaps this is cockpit error on my part and this is possible, but I couldn't find any way to choose anything other than a blank page after hitting the skitch button on the widget. Any ideas or comments? I searched the forums and only found a couple other postings where others were expecting or hoping to do something other than draw on a blank page as well--each with a specific page type in mind.  If each seems to want to use the skitch button in the widget for something different, why not offer one of the two methods of implementation I listed above or something that offers similar (or any) flexibility? 

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