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(Archived) clipper in thunderbird on linux/ubuntu


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I downloaded the add-on for thunderbird on ubuntu 9.04 and it appears to install properly, but I do not see it under tools?

Anyone else done this successfully? I am hoping to get similar behavior as firefox plugin on ubuntu - upload directly to evernote web client..

Until a linux client is available.. hint hint :)

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On Firefox, our clipper will clip directly to the web service by performing the same action as our Javascript "bookmarklet" web clipper from http://www.evernote.com/about/download/

Under Thunderbird, there's no option to do this sort of Javascript clipping directly to the service. Instead, we need to hand off the mail to the native Evernote client on Mac or Windows. I don't believe that the Thunderbird clipper will work under Linux ... we should probably adjust our listing in the add-on repository to prevent this from showing up.

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cheers to that. Thanks for the reply. I was afraid that was the answer -- makes sense..

Soo.... I realize not an overwhelming request for linux compared to win/osx, but evernote would be received very well by linux users - cool thing - minimal competition.

Something to think about..


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