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Evernote for Mac 5.5 -- Any Issues?



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Evernote for Mac 5.5 -- Any Issues?


If you are having any issues specifically with Evernote Mac 5.5, please post them here.


I apologize if there is already a thread addressing this release, but I could not find any after searching both this forum and in Google in general.


If you do have an issue, please post the Mac OS X version you are using.  I'm still running Mt. Lion as I suspect there are still some issues with Evernote and Mavericks.




FYI, here are the Release Notes for EN Mac 5.5:



Version 5.5 (02/04/2014) build 402491

  • New Feature: Descriptive Search
    • Find what you want in the most natural way ever. Search your notes by place (“Tokyo”), file contents (“Documents” or “Images”), date ranges and more.
    • Searches to try:
      • "notes with PDFs"
      • "notes from Paris"
      • "recipes created last week"
    • This feature is currently available in English only.
  • Various bug and stability fixes:
    • Fixed: Screenshots including Quick Note Helper window
    • Fixed: Evernote window issues
    • Business card scanning improvements
    • Fixed: sync issues which may have caused crashing


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Well, like the old adage, I suppose that "no news is good news"!   :D


I sure hope that I can conclude that since no one has posted an issue with this version that most users are not finding any new issues.


What do you think Jack, have you guys received any reports of material issues via Support tickets?

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I cannot open Evernote 5.5 on Mavericks OS.  It keeps crashing.  It crashes after I try to log in.


Sorry to hear that.  I'd suggest that you submit a Support Ticket so Evernote Support can help identify and resolve the issue.

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