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Copy a note and monthly usage

Daeyeon Joo


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I have a note with an attached pdf document which size is about 70mb.


If I copy the note to another, it make my monthly usage increased?

I have very few available space so I can't test myself :)


When you are getting close to your maximum Monthly Upload Allowance, it is good to be careful.

You don't want to hit the max because you might lose some data that can't be sync'd


Here are a few suggestions that might be helpful when you get close to the upload cap.


1.) Your question mentioned copying the note & PDF. Personally, I do not recommend copying a PDF to another notes. You will end up with two copies of the same PDF which could cause confusion in the future. And by copying it, you are creating a 2nd version which will adversely impact your maximum Monthly Upload Allowance.


2.) Simply moving the note with a PDF from one notebook to another is easier and will not affect your maximum Monthly Upload Allowance.


3.) When you are close to the maximum upload cap, wait until the last day (0 days left in cycle), then add notes to get closer to your maximum Monthly Upload Allowance. But even then, it is a good idea to leave a bit of breathing room.


4.) Or play it safe and wait until the Upload Allowance is reset in a few days.


5.) If you follow point #3, you could create an unsync'd local notebook after the upload is reset. Put your big PDF files into that notebook. But, keep in mind that anything in the local unsync'd notebook is invisible to Evernote and it is your responsibility to maintain a backup.


6.) Or pay for a Premium subscription for more upload capacity.


7.) Here are some good tips on managing your maximum Monthly Upload Allowance from GrumpyMonkey:


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