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(Archived) Geographic Location of Desktop PC


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Two facts about desktop PC's that may be of interest to Evernote users:

  1. They almost certainly don't have built-in GPS
  2. They don't move around much

With these points in mind, would there be much support for being able to define your location in the PC Windows program? 


This way, when I created/modified notes from my PC, the note would have the correct location defined in it.

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Hi Steve - my laptop moves around sporadically (a bit like me) and gets its location from the internet server it's connected to.  I can specify a location if I want to,  but mainly don't because for the most part its only of passing interest as to where the note was created.  My Android phone does have locations,  because it moves around a bit more than the lappy and occasionally its useful to know where a photo comes from.  Not quite sure what you're asking here - did you want to set a standard "home" location?  

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