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Penultimate and stylus on Android.



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Evernote does not publish their roadmaps so we can never no for sure what they are doing and when it will be done. 


That being said, Evernote has indicated as long ago as a few years that there is a penultimate team for Android and that it should be happening. 


As for the stylus, presumably any stylus would work, just like any stylus works with the iPad. 

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Thanks for the update and link.

It seems the development team is much stronger on Apple products than on Android. Well, I guess we still have to wait for a while...


On the stylus note, I hope any stylus would work. I don't know what technology is involved in a stylus, but it seems to me the Apple store pen is very expensive.


In the link Metrodon provided, some people also mention other apps. I wonder what are the differences between those apps and Evernote.

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A $10 stylus will work on any tablet. There are many other very expensive styli that will, of course, be better or different, but a basic stylus does not need to be expensive. There are more feature-rich styli that incorporate bluetooth for their functioning, many are made for both iPad and certain android powered hardware, and they already exist (check out the products from Adonit). 

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So despite all the complaints about Evernote loving iOS more than Android the post I mentioned shows that ink is going to be included in the Evernote app on Android ahead of iOS.



We've moved Ink for Android out of alpha and into beta testing, available here: https://plus.google....054128618368971


You'll need to register and be approved if you want to have access to the beta.


Essentially takes Penultimate functionality and moves it directly into the Evernote experience on Android.  To create a handwritten note: select the pen button on the note editor to insert handwriting in a note. You can select different width and colors, erase, cut and undo / redo.


Again, this is in beta, so it's going to have some rough edges that need smoothing out, but if you'd like to try it, it's available.

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Scott, thanks for the reply on the stylus.


Metrodon, once again, I don't know anything about the technology. Maybe it's easier to program and run tests on iOS than on Android, and maybe Evernote's customer base is much bigger on iOS. I have no clue.

I'll still wait for the final version to be ready before testing. I'm just a dumb stupid user so I need things to be pretty, functional and easy. :)


However, I don't understand what 'ink' is. Isn't ink Penultimate?




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It's definitely easier to build and test on iOS, that's why pretty much everyone builds on iOS first (if you are a developer you are also more likely to make money from iOS users than Android).


But, it looks like that Penultimate (ink notes, stylus support) is going to be available on android ahead of iOS.

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Any suggestions for a stylus for handwriting into Evernote on a Google Nexus 7 (2013)?  I am currently using a Fisher Space Pen stylus (it has both a capacitive stylus tip and an ink pen for use on paper).  But it is extremely difficult to write legible cursive handwriting using the large diameter stylus tip.  Help?

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I guess I misunderstood, I thought Penultimate was already available on iOS since it's already presented by Evernote for iPad, but not Android.



Yes, Penultimate is on iOS. But the handwriting-function will be directly integrated in the EN Android app. There is no separate app needed (so no Penultimate on Android but an EN app with handwriting!). I think this is much better as you have all in one app!


That's why this time Android is ahead.

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Much of the stuff made by bamboo is pretty well regarded. I would recommend doing a quick google search for android-compatible styluses, learn who the big companies making good stylus are, and read some reviews. 


A quick google search turned up these few posts that might give you some insight:



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