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(Archived) help, lost note (windows)


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I use Evernote on my PC (Windows XP), iPhone and iPad. The last time I was editing the note was through the PC. I had my iPhone plugged into the computer at the time to charge, but was only running the Evernote desktop application on my PC to edit the note at that time. I shutdown my comp, took the computer to work, and now cannot find the note. The note is titled "Action Items." I've looked on my iPhone, the Windows application, the web application and my iPad. When I powered on my iPad this afternoon to search for the note, I briefly saw the note as EN started. However, the screen refreshed as if to refresh the current notes, and it was no longer there. I've checked the "Trash" on all devices and cannot find the note. Please help. 


I just submitted this ticket online, support ticket #351376


Thank you,


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Hi,  welcome to the forums.  When you shut down your PC,  did you close the Evernote window,  close Evernote down completely (File > Exit) or just sleep/ lock down the PC?  In either case,  unless you've used the PC since,  Evernote won't have had time to sync the note back to the server,  so there's no reason to believe it would be anywhere else than on the PC.  Check the normal notes,  Trash and Conflicting Changes notebooks again - if you were editing and gave the app a few seconds to register the changes it would have saved them to the note.  It's possible some random keystroke combination (like select all and enter) deleted the content or the entire note,  in which case it may be gone forever.


Support may be able to help you more - they have under-the-hood access that we don't have here..

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gazumped, thanks for your reply. I likely did not close down Evernote (File > Exit) prior to shutting down the PC, as this was not standard procedure for me in the past. However, it may be something I should do moving forward. I've checked the normal notes, trash, and conflicting changes for the note, but it is not there. 


Is there any way to revert to a previous file, or restore your notes to a prior time? 


Thanks for any and all additional support and tips. Hopefully between the forum community and EN Support we can figure this out. I surely don't want to have this happen again. 

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Don't know what could have happened,  but like any operation on a PC it's always possible that you chose to shut down at exactly the wrong moment,  or miss-hit keys that force-closed a window,  or some random gremlin just interfered with normal operations.  Stuff (as they say) Happens.  Especially when you're using electronic gear.  Unless the techies can tell you more,  I think the only lesson to be learned is:  don't shut down in a hurry - always take the time to exit your apps in an orderly manner,  and make sure you have a backup.  I don't do it for this reason,  but I do draft my notes in Word if they're longer than a brief paragraph.  I copy and paste the content to make a note,  but I don't delete the original file straight away - so I would have some backup if things had gone wrong;  though that's not been my experience so far.


There's no backup if the note wasn't synced,  and if the whole note is gone,  there's no 'history' to look back into - again you might have been lucky and been caught in a regular backuip,  so there's a very small chance that the tech support team can help.  But I can't hold out much hope I'm afraid.


This sort of thing usually happens to me when I stayed up late to do something important and there's just one step left to print out / email / share the results.  That's when it can take me another couple of hours to repair something important that decided to fail at exactly the wrong time.


I hate computers...

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