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Lost Files on Pc but not on Tablet

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I received a pop-up to update Evernote and I followed instructions, but it didn't let me complete the process.  I ended it and tried to sign in to Evenote but my PW wasn't recognized so I created a new one.   Once I finally got in, there were no files even though the original date that I downloaded Evernote still showed that it was in October.   I have important notes and was stymied as to what happened.   I immeditiatly went to my Tablet and the files were there on Evernote.   I tried to "sync", from the tablet which is Android 4.2.2 but that didn't work.    I am running Vista 32 bit.   Carole       My email is [EDIT: deleted]

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Hi - this is a public forum,  so I deleted your email address for spam avoidance reasons - I suggest you PM anyone if you need to talk privately,  and we'll do the same for you.


It sounds like you may have inadvertently created a new Evernote account.  Have a look at Evernote.com via a browser and log in using your old details - have you still got your notes?  If so,  log out of Evernote on your PC (Evernote > File > Exit) and try logging in again.


If the old login doesn't work via Evernote.com,  try the new one - can you see your notes?  If so they're safe online - you just need to sync the PC so the database is downloaded.

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