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Would you add the ability to zoom?



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20 hours ago, eroomnoter said:

It may not be a good idea upgrade if a zoom feature is not available in evernote. I am having difficulty seeing the text. if there is a way, please let me know how to enlarge. Thanks!

If you are using a Mac, here are a few things you can do:

  • Reduce the Mac screen resolution (makes everything larger)
  • Use the Mac zoom function (System Preferences > Accessibility > Zoom)
  • Increase the EN Mac default font size
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Wow! A response from Evernote!

I've got the Mac beta, thank you.

But the Mac's really not the problem. Text on the Mac is readable. 

iOS is where the Zoom feature is needed. Now that it's implemented on the Mac, will iOS get some love?

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Evernote Gurus are apparently super awesome people 

But is this feature really so hard to make it happen??

this is a feature that has been requested by so many people for so many years...!


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On 2/4/2016 at 6:08 AM, Dadoo said:

YES ! Why does it take so long ! 2016 it is now.

I use a Windows 10 / Notebook

I cannot share OneNote privately over my company's network. Plus there was one more reason that I forget not using it (costs ?).

Hi @Dadoo, welcome to the Forums!

For help with issues with the Windows application, please post your issue in the Windows Help thread:



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On 2/5/2016 at 6:08 AM, Dadoo said:

YES ! Why does it take so long ! 2016 it is now.

I use a Windows 10 / Notebook

I cannot share OneNote privately over my company's network. Plus there was one more reason that I forget not using it (costs ?).

Hi there,

As I mentioned in an earlier reply in this thread; in order for us to keep the discussion in this thread focused on Evernote application for Mac, I would ask that you post your Windows related questions in our Windows Product feedback thread. Thanks everyone!

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On 5/29/2016 at 8:52 AM, 002boy said:





Hey there @002boy, thank you so much for the kind words!

We happen to think you guys are pretty awesome too B)

Thanks for being part of our community and for using Evernote!

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The ability to zoom and invert colours (see Byword's night mode for example) is essential on a desktop. My workaround is to copy & paste the text into Bean, Ulysses or Byword, annotate or edit, then copy back to Evernote for storage. A faff, but I value my eyes. Please do something about this, Evernote team.

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Do Evernote programmers know anything about legibility? Basically, the smaller the type, the harder it is to read, and the harder it is to read, the less useful the application. Additionally, a web design rule-of-thumb is that reverse (white type; black background) must be used sparingly (mainly for labels) because it is hard to read. If it is used, the type must be bigger to compensate for the decline of legibility when using reverse. With reverse, the contrast must be as great as possible, also to make up for the decline in legibility. Yet when I open the desktop, I find the type insanely and frustratingly small, with no -- as many others have complained -- ability to zoom or set a larger default.  To make matters worse, the menu column on left is reverse, and, in a terrible example of WHAT-NOT-TO-DO, the type is grey on a black background, making in freaking impossible to read. Jakob Nielsen, who wrote the book on Web usability and design, makes this point well. Pick up almost any other web or graphic design book, and they'll make the same point.


Programmers have to understand that functionality is useless without usability, and usability suffers when legibility is poor. If you want to easily and quickly and inexpensively improve your functionality, get Evernote out of the Design Hall of Shame and give us the ability to zoom and set various font and typesize defaults.


If you want an example of a program that does it right, see Scrivenir. 



(Arms folded, looking at his watch, toe-tapping impatiently and thinking more and more about OneNote)

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I agree with Wordsgood - aging eyes need to be able to zoom in. For me, this problem is particularly annoying with attachments like PDFs. It is a pain to open the PDF in another app and then enlarge just to find out if I need 2 or 3 cups of flour! Much easier to quickly zoom in within EN.

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Agreed with all of above.


Please please add this feature.


My main office has 1920x1080 monitors and the note font is tiny. However if I size it up it's too large on devices.


Zoom would solve this.


If you do add consider keeping mac-consistent keyboard shortcuts of "⌘+" to zoom in and "⌘-" to zoom out.

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A zoom feature has been requested for years, both for the Mac and Windows versions. Evernote has completely ignored those requests and has not even responded. Evernote...can you explain why? Is it more difficult than we think it is to add this feature? Please just respond...

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Unfortunately, this is an oft repeated feature request that I actually think should be a standard part of the package on all clients. Not all of us are blessed with 20/20 vision.

Besides, those young-un's that do won't be twenty something's forever!

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