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Android webclipper (3rd party) to include page content, not just url

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I'm hoping someone here can make a solid recommendation?


I am looking to clip webpages *with content* from android (tablet, if that matters). I use mostly 'full page' clips, but occasionally will highlight only a particular item and would like it to work that way, too.


With that in mind, anyone have a recommendation? I prefer stable, reliable, fast, etc :)  Free is nice, but try-before-you-buy is good, or simply a paid app with a solid recommendation.


Also- if anyone knows a way to convert existing notes with only urls from android into full blown notes with the page content without recreating the notes with desktop version and ff/clipper (EN Clipper 5.9.1), that would be helpful, too.


Already tried tech support chat. Worthless :(  Although Angelica said to use 3rd party, when I asked her where to find them, she gave link to app center, which DOES NOT LIST ANY CLIPPERS!


When I asked here where specifically as I couldn't find any listed, she repeated, then disconnected :(


I used the search, looked under apps, android, productivity, business, paperless, and a few other links but did not find a single web clipper for android. I understand they cannot recommend an app, but giving a 'solution' that doesn't contain any relevant info was quite disappointing.

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