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(Archived) Tag Tool Does Not Respond at Some Resolutions


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I was doing a presentation on Evernote the other day - using a company projector.  If you ever do this, you probably notice how your video changes the resolution to match that of the projector.  Well, at the smaller resolution, the toolbar on my notes in evernote was just narrow enough to hide the TAG button's title, but not the icon.



The result was that it you still have a tag button, but it doesn't do anything.


When my toolbar is 551 pixels wide, it looks correct, and works:




But when my toolbar gets narrowed to 547 pixels wide, it looks like this (showing icon, no title), and does not work:





It took a minute of fooling around to figure it out.


Just an opportunity for improvement, and a heads up to other Windows evernote users.



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Yes, that prompt shares space with the other controls on the toolbar, and it can get squeezed out if there's not enough room. One way to mitigate this is to turn off labels on the toolbar (right-click somewhere in between the icons on the right-hand side, and uncheck Show Labels), or to remove unneeded controls on the toolbar altogether (right-click as before, and select Customize Toolbar...)

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