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Feature Request (for Moleskine Notebook)

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I absolutely love Evernote and couldn't wait to get my hands on a Moleskine notebook. The one issue I have with the Moleskine notebook is that there are only six stickers to tag with. 


How about a generic sticker for tagging notes that don't fall into any of the other categories. Stick a sticker and write the desired tag. Evernote picks up  the tag and OCR interprets what is written.


Is there a better place to input feature requests? If so, I apologize for clogging up your forum :)

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Could this not be done say, by writing the tag on the page itself and perhaps enclosing it in a circle or a box or something? Evernote would OCR it and it would come up in searches. Granted it would not apply a tag to the note automatically (because even the existing stickers can only work with EXISTING tags, they cannot create new tags), but a text search would bring up the hand-written tag-word and you could manually apply the tag after scanning. 

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