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(Archived) 'new search' (recent/saved searches) makes my search stall for significant time


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Dear all,


is there a way to dis-able the automatic drop-down and whatever-evernote-does when keying in a search term?

To be frank, this feature introduced end of last year is destroying my 'pleasant' user experience with evernote.


Whenever using the search function, keying in the first characters (or term) triggers a drop-down with the recent / saved 'similar' searches and makes my evernote stall for quite some time (recently for almost a minute) (c.f. attached post-180634-0-75981900-1391968360_thumb.snapshot).


I can understand that this feature requires evernote to run through the notes and/or recent search history to help the user, and with a considerable number of notes this takes time.

What is extremely annoying is the fact that I cannot even help to shrink the search (script) universe by keying in further search words as I am stuck in the aforementioned stall.


I run evernote on Windows and have around 3500 notes spread over 10 notebooks.

My primary notebook / most frequently used contains around 2000 notes. I suspected in the beginning that the 'symptoms' described above were related to this notebook and the fact that I hit a certain performance ceiling. However, the "search stall" has become a constant annoying feature in all notebooks.


I really like working with evernote and would love to learn

1.) how to disable this search feature;

2.) whether there is a recommended not-to-exceed number of notes per notebook

3.) how to efficiently organise notes to avoid this feature or help the evernote search function to perform better.


Thanks for shedding some light on me :wacko:!

Servus from Brussels,


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I've had the same unpleasant "search stall" experience due the upgrade to version 5.  There are two serious problems 1.) the pop-up search window blocks the content (see my link below) and 2.) the frustrating lag.  To reduce the first problem, I have deleted all my saved searches. The search window still appears but blocks less of my content. To address the second problem, I ran the debug option but it had just a minimal improvement in the lag.


The program used to buzz along smoothly back on version 4.7. Since then, there have been many complaints about the speed issue. Other users (beta users) notified Evernote of the problems way back when version 5 was first released.


The pop-up Search Suggestion window is both irritating and intrusive.
1.) Irritating due to the 2+ second lag for it to populate the screen.
2.) Intrusive because it blocks my view of my note contents.

There should be an option to turn it off. (Due to the lag, the ESC work-around does not work consistently.)


I submitted this information to Evernote Support a couple weeks ago.


Evernote Support confirmed the problem and said there is no way to turn off the pop-up search window. They said they would pass the issue on to their developers. I presume the developers were already notified back when the beta users pointed out the problem several months ago.

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It may not be possible to do much about the drop-down,  but we have been complaining about the delays in searches for some time and user (and general techie person) spg SCOTT has some useful registry hacks that may help.  These come with understandable health warnings and a lot of other help here - https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote5help and the items you want are on the page headed "Are there any hidden options for Evernote for Windows?" under SearchAsYouTypeDelay

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