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Hey everyone,

I've been searching on the evernote forums and couldn't find any thread specifically about this. What I'd love to see is the ability to create a video note. I understand video takes a lot of storage and bandwidth, so I think it'd be a great Pro feature. I'm not a Pro User but that'd turn me into a pro in no time.


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I'm also interested in this, as it seems that more and more memories are stored in this format, would be great then to be able to keep the integrity of the 'second brain'.

Well aware that video formats opens up heeps of technical issues, but how's the prospects for this?

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We don't currently support this, but would consider doing this in the future.

We could support video files that you create with your own devices, but it wouldn't really be possible for us to "clip" videos from web sites like YouTube, since these sites don't make the actual video data available to web browsers -- they just stream it to a Flash player in the browser.

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Even limited support for video would be much appreciated. It would be great it we could clip .mov files from web pages (there are a lot of iPhone-ready videos and tutorials in this format).

An example of a site full of these kinds of videos is: http://www.gotoandlearn.com/

Every episode has a "download" button. It'd be awesome if I could clip some of them to Evernote.

This would make an excellent start.



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If you have a Premium account, you can drag any file up to 25MB into a note in Evernote to sync it to the service. You should be able to do this with a .mov file as long as it fits within our size limit.

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