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Using Mac's Built-In Keyboard Shortcut for Screenshots to Clipboard Rather Than Evernote's Linked File



After updating a week or two ago, I took a screenshot using the OSX built-in keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Command-3 (not Evernote's shortcut or Helper) -- which normally puts the screenshot (not a file) onto the Clipboard -- and I got an Evernote message (presumably Evernote intercepted the native shortcut) saying that Evernote could now put the screenshot into a file and paste a link to the file into a note, and asking whether I wanted to do that.


I told it to go ahead and do it. However, after using this new feature a few times, I've decided I'd rather paste the screenshot itself into a new note that I create, rather than pasting a link to the file.


I presumed there would be some way I could revert to the OSX built-in behavior via a preference or an option, but I couldn'd find any.


Is there any way to revert?


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The built in OSX keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

cmd-shift-3: save a screenshot in a file

cmd-ctrl-shift-3: copy a screenshot to the clipboard

cmd-shift-4: save a screenshot of part of the screen to a file

cmd-ctrl-shift-4: copy a screenshot of part of the screen to the clipboard


If you’re using cmd-ctrl-3, then it’s possible you’ve customized your keyboard shortcuts. Take a look in System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts->Screen Shots

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