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(Archived) Evernote for Windows 5.2.0 Beta 2


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Hello Folks!


We have another beta out and ready for you. We've added some guidance for new years, we're trying to help them learn about the app. If you don't see it, it means you've completed all the steps already! You can pull it up via the Help menu at Explore Evernote


We also have some markup bug fixes. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions in the last thread.



You can opt into Betas under Tools >> Options >> Update to Prereleases when available.


You can also download it here: http://cdn1.evernote.com/win5/prerelease/Evernote_5.2.0.2637.exe

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I don't want to hijack this thread so just tell me if the issue I am going to raise should be raised somewhere else!


I have been using the beta versions for some time, and I remember in some earlier versions there was discussion about Evernote going into a "not responding" mode, either temporarily or permanently. This has started happening to me again in the recent versions, and happening much more seriously.


On the latest beta that I have, which is, EN is sometimes "not responding" for several minutes after I have typed a few characters - or even when I attempt to switch from one notebook to another. I have now started using the web page instead (and discovered in the process how much better that has got since I last looked at it!) I have opened a support ticket for this (#320665) and been told that "we are looking into this issue, we will contact you back as soon as possible"


I am using Windows 8.1. My question: is anyone else here experiencing this or is it just me?


I ask this because if other people are (still) experiencing this to any extent then I will assume that the fault lies somewhere in the EN code. However if I am the only person who is having this problem then that raises the possibility that the issue springs from some specific configuration on my laptop, which might mean that I should do some investigating of my own at my end.


Any replies welcome :)



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A suggestion: can we get handwriting recognition added to the Ink Notes? It would be amazing to be able to write text and draw shapes (circles, rectangles, lines, arrows, ...) and get the handwriting recognized. In addition, make the handwritten text selectable, such that it can be copied and pasted like typed text, please.

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Hello thanks for the update.

Using I still can't seem to resize an image on PC version

On Mac I see the tools top left ok after clicking crop / resize within annotate

but not on PC


Also another recurring bug still present when I down arrow too often it bugs outs



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