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(Archived) Formatting toolbar quit working


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Just tried to create my first note of the day. Wanted to create a bullet, but the toolbar icon had no effect. So, I pressed the numeric bullet icon, but nothing. Then a checkbox, nothing. So, I highlighted a word and pressed bold, italic, and underline icons, nothing. The ">" and "<" icons do work, in that they scroll the icons off the screen to the right and back in.


So, I tried to remind myself if there is a plaintext mode; no, and if there was, the toolbar shouldn't be displayed.


So, I powered my phone off and back off again, same result.


I'm using Android 4.3 and Evernote 5.7.1 on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  I don't know how long ago I was updated to Evernote 5.7.1.  How does one find that out?  I assume it was overnight, though, as I use Evernote heavily and didn't have this problem last night.


Is anyone else having this problem?



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Well, half a day has gone by; the releases of Android and of Evernote have not changed; I have not rebooted the phone since I posted; and the syndrome has gone away, all by itself.  Ugh.  Something on the server side, I suppose.


I don't know whether to be relieved or alarmed -- in actuality, some of both.



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Seems like a pretty routine example of Finagles First Law in operation.  "If anything can go wrong it will - usually at the most inopportune time.  And then it'll fix itself at random,  just to mess with your head..."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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