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(Archived) Sync fails with large attachments

Pierre Menard

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I cannot finalize syncing when a note contains an attachment of > 20Mb.


Anybody else having this issue? Config: Evernote Windows 7.


After some mails back and forth support has acknowledged my problem as a bug, but I wonder if this is a a general issue.





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The note just contains title and attachment, a PDF file. I have Premium, so the upload can be up to 100 Mb. I have done a few tests, with different attachments and sizes. I monitor upload speed of different applications with a little tool. Evernote is not even sending data until it simply fails.

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I've saved notes of up to 98MB - though not on the current version of the client,  so current mileage may vary;  do you have any unusual characters in the subject?  Try changing it to 'test' and save the subject as a line within the note..


If you have a local notebook,  try moving the note there and syncing,  then moving it back.  (Or  create a temporary new one for the purpose)

Let's verify it  is this note that is causing the issue.

And I'd submit your support ticket now (see below) so the techs can kick some tyres after the weekend.

If the content is suitable,  try sending the same material by email to see if it will be accepted at the server.

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No weird characters. I already went through support, as I said in my first post they declared that indeed it is a bug. My intention by posting here was to have an idea about the extent of the problem amongst other users. 

I did manage to upload note and attachment via the browser, what sort of ruled out network problems. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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