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Scansnap Text Recognition Error


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I recently moved from a PC to an iMac (OS X Mavericks) and am trying to setup a workflow using my Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 to scan, send to Evernote, OCR and save a copy on a local NAS. Unfortunately, I receive the following error after each scan: "ScanSnap Manager: An error occurred while processing text recognition. Try again."

I have Adobe Acrobat X Pro installed on the iMac, and am receiving the error message with both the Standard and Scan to Evernote profiles. Here are the options, I have selected:
  • Application: Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Save: /Volumes/Scans  File Name Format: .pdf  Rename file after scanning (selected)
  • Scanning: Image Quality & Color Mode both "Auto"
  • File Option: File Format: PDF   Convert to Searchable PDF (selected)  English, All pages
Scan to Evernote (Document):
  • Application Settings: I've tried (unsuccessfully) with "Convert to Searchable PDF" selected and de-selected.
I realize that on the Mac version my eventual workflow may present other challenges down the road, but I can't even get close if OCR isn't working.
Thanks in advance for your assistance...any ideas?
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