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Can not log in w/ EVERNOTE mobile web UI anymore?

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Hi all,


This URL:



always worked great,

for quickly searching and checking (no edits),

my recent notes

from my desktop FF v.19 browser in XP-Pro 32bit.


But suddenly as of last week,

after being prompted (and typing my User ID and pwd),

I only get this message (in bold, below),

after I log in:


XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: https://www.evernote.com/mobile/Home.action
Line Number 101, Column 25: 

window.ga('set', '&uid', 'EN1017121');


I tried with different browsers

on different desktop PCs,

with both: XP-Pro 32-bit  and w/Ubuntu Linux ,

but same error message.


Has something changed on the Evernote end?

Nothing has changed on my end...


I loved to often use this URL

for the "EV mobile Web UI" ,

to quickly check my EV notes from my Desktop PC.

It was simple but convenient.


Help!!!! thanks.


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From the replies above, so far,

something at Evernote Mobile Web UI

HAS changed.


Same problem now confirmed in

Firefox, Safari, XP, Win7, Mac, iOS, Ubuntu Linux, etc.


Probably an unintended bug has been introduced,

with so many improvements to the wonderful Evernote!


I hope somebody from the great EV tech team

will chime in and say...

     - "Don't worry folks,...will fix this bug ASAP!"


It's just so important to get this fixed

to the simple way it helped so many Users before...




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It would,  however,  be polite for Evernote to put up a notice page on the website so that users get told this officially and immediately rather than having to query it through Support...

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I second what gazumped said in his comment,

(above this comment).


In fact, it would be more than polite

...actually mandatory,

to inform EVERNOTE Users,

who depend on this..

(note the capital letter in Users

 - some fast growing companies seem to forget...).


So now the Question is:

 1 - Why was such a feature so useful to many Users,

      suddenly (and silently) deactivated?


Bonus Question:

2  - Any other alternative to do

      what this mobile URL allowed before, from a desktop browser?


    to just quickly view/check/search notes using the EV web UI

    from FF desktop ?

    (edit notes feature not needed...).




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Hmmn.  Given the fact that no-one realised the link had gone missing until the OP raised the issue,  I'd question the "so useful to many users" comment - and would also guess that the reason for its demise had to do with little or no traffic going to that URL,  and/ or the fact that the main website (like most others these days) automatcally gives you a mobile version if you log in from one. 


The only alternative option now seems to be to invoke the main link - which is pretty quick anyway.

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The mobile site became (somewhat) inactive a while ago. I posted about this on my website and we discussed it in the forums.


Today, it seems to be back (this was news to me). Personally, I think making un-announced changes like this to the service is a bad policy, especially when we have major bugs in the mobile app (October 2013 was pretty rough for me on the iPad) and we need a reliable way to view notes.I'd recommend saying something when they make changes -- even a tweet would be appreciated.

If they had little traffic in recent months, that's probably because we all thought they had abandoned the mobile site for mobile (weirdly, it would work from the desktop). In my experience on the iPad, the regular evernote website doesn't give you a mobile-friendly interface. It feeds you the regular web version, which is un-usable (as it always has been). The only way on the iPad (that I know of) to make use of the regular website is to install the Puffin browser.

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