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Descriptive search - Timestamp query

Blue Rover


I am using Evernote 5.5 (402474 App Store)


Just a query really regarding the use of time periods for descriptive search.  I tried a search '<tag name> in December 2012' and the suggestions changes it to since.


Is there a way to use descriptive search to pick out a start and end date for notes?  I have tried '<tag name> between <date> and <date>'  and that just searched on the text with no suggestion.


I really like the idea of this feature and making the search parameters more accessible.

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OK I have used that before I just wondered if there was a way to use something for Descriptive search.  I guess it will have the same limits to the search operators that are used in the drop downs at the bottom of the search dialogue.


Thanks for the reply.

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You can do this with descriptive search. 

Let’s say you wanted a note created in the first half of 2013 with the tag ‘foo’.

type something like “tagged foo since january 2013 before june 2013”.

Unfortunately this results in a very long suggestion, so I find it easier to type each part separately:


1. Type “since january 2013"

Descriptive search suggests “Notes created since January 1 2013"

2. Accept the suggestion

Your cursor will be in the search field after the 'created since' token

3. Type “tagged foo"

Descriptive search will suggest “Notes tagged foo"

4. Accept the suggestion

5. Type “before june 2013"

Descriptive search suggests “Notes created before June 1 2013"

6. Accept the suggestion

You now have a search that finds the notes you’re looking for.

The nice thing about doing the search in parts like this is you can see the intermediate results and keep refining until you get the set you wanted.

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