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(Archived) EN for Pre not usable at this time

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Well, unfortunately, while I love the EN for Pre app in general, it's just not usable at this time for me. My issues:

1. At times, I lose the ability to open EN. This is the perpetually spinning circle error.

2. At times, #1 is preceded by a request to log in (although I've successfully logged in before), sometimes not.

3. Sometimes closing and reopening EN resolves #1 and/or #2, sometimes not. In some cases, only a phone reset will allow EN to open at all.

4. Once EN does open, within some period of time (as little as 5 minutes, from my unofficial estimate) notes no longer open. Click on a note and a card opens, but it's blank other than the note details.

Just wanted to report in. Can't wait for the next version!

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Thanks for the reports. We're working through a few issues, and I think we've got a good handle on at least #2 from your list. If we get any sort of network error on our first attempt to talk to the service, we dump you onto the login screen. This happens more often than we'd like due to variability in the devices and network, etc. We're making the app much more tolerant of these problems for the next update. Thanks for the reports (and patience)....

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One other problem I've noticed is that EN seems to work right after launch, but if I leave it running for a while, it won't refresh notes. Especially if I switch between list view and thumbnail view at the main screen -- I've never actually seen thumbnail view load, and if I get bored of waiting for thumbnail view to load and try to go back to list view, it also stays blank and won't load. At that point I just give up and exit the app and restart it.

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