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sync with S-Note (Samsung P605) ...generate too little pictures


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Hi to all

I have Samsung SM-P605  with S-Note installed and synched with a evernote account.

When I make syncronization I have two issues:

- the notes are too small to see it on screen (i.e. on my 15.6 monitor)

- all notes go inside default "Personal" notebook.


It's possibile...

- see the notes in a readable way

- choice the destination notebook inside evernote?


thank you in advance for your time.



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I've just started using S-Note and Evernote with my P600 (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 wifi) as well.


On my pc in the Evernote application I have a similar issue with my 23" monitor. The note is readable, but very small and I do not see a way to resize or zoom in the view.


Thank you

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