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Can't change my email address; "wrong password" but I'm here

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I'm not sure where to post this so I'll put it here.


I signed up with my gmail address, but I seldom us it.  I want to change to my Cox.com address so I went into settings to change it.  The problem is that I keep getting "wrong password".  That's curious because it's the password I used to log in here. 


So I went to my EV everywhere password and that failed as well, yet I am able to log on there; with my everywhere password as well.


So, I've verified both of my EV passwords and yet I keep getting the error :huh:


Can someone forward this to an Admin, or to someone who can sort this out?

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I'm experiencing this same issue and have submitted support tickets with no response. My first request for support was made on June 18 and today is the 26 and still no reply! I'm leaving my current job in just a few days and would like to change my email address to my Hotmail account. I have gone through all the steps, clicked on the link in the email they sent me and then my existing password doesn't work when I try to log in. I've tried this multiple times, I've waited a few days and tried again, all to no avail. Any help is appreciated!

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