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New Mac client search deleted a dozen notes



Not sure if this is a new bug, or a bug at all, but really scary:


Installed the new Mac client and tried the new natural language search by typing "notes from last December".  This resulted in a list of about a dozen notes that weren't what I wanted.  So I held the Delete key down for a few seconds to clear the search field.  And just like that, a dozen notes were deleted.


This breaks down into two categories: stupid user, and touchy UI:


Stupid user:


- I probably clicked outside the search box before I pressed and held Delete.


- I didn't know there was a Trash folder from which I could retrieve my notes.  I thought I was ruined, but it turns out I was just given a good scare.


Touchy UI:


I can understand deleting a whole bunch of notes by selecting them first, but allowing the Delete key to erase unselected notes at machine gun speed seems like it would never be a good idea.


As I said, I don't know if this would have happened with the old client too, but if it's a new "feature" I would suggest it be reconsidered.




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Hi. Thanks for reporting.


I think the search is irrelevant to this issue. What probably happened is that you tapped a note in your note view (the middle column) and then pressed delete. As you said, holding down the delete key will delete notes one after another. I actually find this to be a helpful feature, because sometimes I want to delete multiple notes.


One solution I have requested for avoiding user error (that is how I would classify this) is a popup warning (I hate popups) that could be toggled off (checkbox saying you don't want the message shown again). Some people (like me) would like to see this when making a note in a shared/joined notebook (I have inadvertently shared things I didn't want to share). Other people (like you) could protect yourselves from accidental deletions.

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