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How do you guys OPEN Evernote?



This may be stupid, but I have a little problem opening Evernote.


Many times, I'm IMing people about work. I realize I need a link or whatever from Evernote. So I "open" it via menubar-Elephant, then the "Find" option (because there is no "open" option!).


As I wait the few seconds for Evernote to launch and sync, I resume my IM conversation.


But because I launched it via "Find" it assumes I want to Search. It takes focus and half my IM sentence ends up as a Search Query.


So my questions are, how should I really be opening Evernote, and how do I clear the "recent searches" list of blithering half sentences?


Here it is as a picture annotated with pink Skitch arrows:



-- Jim

Mac osX 10.8.5

Evernote v5.5(402491 Direct)

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Never quit! I guess there's that…


But if it's in the menu bar, isn't it open? Doesn't "show elephant in menu bar" mean its open? 

Maybe that's not tied to a dock icon?


It depends on the settings you have. The menu item can run when Evernote itself is not open. The first time you launch Evernote it asks you what you want to do - you can change the setting in Evernote to control the behavior.


I tend to leave Evernote running, but if it's not I launch it via LaunchBar (you could click it in the dock or whatever).

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I also never close Evernote and usually keep it open on a separate display.  I see that you are a Mac user, so this won't help you, but for any Windows users that are reading, there is an option to launch Evernote at the Windows login.


Tools - Options - General - select "Launch Evernote at Windows login"


For some reason this setting doesn't always stick between version upgrades so I usually have to reset it.

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Keep it open at all times, but if you don't want to see it, keep it minimized.


I have Evernote in my Login Items group on my Mac.  

Go to "Apple Menu/Preferences/Users&Groups/Login Items" then click the + to add Evernote to your login list.

Click the "hide" option to launch Evernote at login, but immediately hide it.


If you prefer to launch Evernote only when needed, I use Spotlight as a launcher.  Click "Command+Space Bar," then type the first few letter i.e "Ever" so that Spotlight can find the app, then the "Return" key to launch it. (This is a really fast way to launch any app using Spotlight)


The elephant in the Menu bar is there (mainly) for you to quickly create a new note.

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Thanks everyone.


I thought I remembered a "launch" option in the menubar icon in an earlier version, and only think of it when I'm in a hurry and type too much on launch.


Also, everyone knows command-spacebar is zoom in Photoshop! But like you say its customizable.

AND, even mouse/pen clicking in Spotlight is as quick as clicking the elephant icon anyway.


(for my 2nd question, you can see in my above screenshot I "cleared" recent searches by typing other stuff)

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I rarely use anything in the menu bar to launch anything. Those icons are useful, I find, for accessing features like a crosshair screenshot in Skitch. I would never have thought to have launched an app from there, though I know you can. The Dock and LaunchBar are what I use.

Best of luck.

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