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Evernote for MAC in need of a new UI



Why is it that your phone and iPad apps can be so beautifully designed... while your Mac version is soooooooo boring and ugly?  Make the visual approach of the MAC come closer to the apps.  Heck, even the WEB version of Evernote is ten times better than the MAC app, visually.  I would have EASILY traded the latest update of search (old search was just fine) for a total overhaul on the UI.  Please consider.  

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I wouldn't mind a new UI either, for functional reasons, but it was just updated a couple of years ago. I doubt they'll do a major overhaul anytime soon.

Could you be more specific about what you like / dislike? This might help them to know what they should think about changing when they do update it.

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This sort of debate seems to come up for each client every now and then. People complain at length about the new iOS client, people complain at length about the new Windows client, and so on. 


Personally, compared to the previous version (4.x) for Mac, the current (5.x) version has some nice design elements from an aesthetic standpoint. It also fits rather well with the styling of the Mac OS in general. For me, the current and previous version are equal from a functionality standpoint, though some others have raised issues with functionality of the new v.5 design. 


As Grumpy has asked, could you make specific reference to the design elements or the functional elements that you deem are lacking? 


I think "boring" is not a sufficient justification for change. 

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Fair enough... I agree... boring is not very actionable. I was not around when they updated the Mac version, so perhaps that was a big leap as you suggest. My issue with the MAC version is that it feels visually inconsistent with the ipad and iphone versions... which feel fantastic. The interface is dull and gray... there are no options to do some of the very nice things like change the background to black, white, etc.... personalize it to you tastes like the mobile versions offer. So visually, "boring" is truly the best way i can describe the UI. It lacks any emotive response on any level. It, in my opinion, is purely functional. Function has it's place to be sure... but so does the experience. Nearly all of evernote's competitors have improved their UI... and most have also doubled down on their feature set... i have not seen the same investment by Evernote. I see a lot of investment in their "market" ... and was VERY pleased with the BIG enhancements they have made to the mobile platforms. i was hoping to see that same investment in UI made to the Mac version... even if it felt more visually contiguous with the mobile versions...and capabilities to personalize it would be good.

A specific thing I hate about the mac version is how the very limited views one can select from for how notes are displayed... i would like to see a different view.... perhaps rethinking how cards are shown. I just find none of those views are really hitting the mark for me. card view is awful for me personally.. the list view is the best but still shows more than i want to see.... wish i could literally just see the name of the note.

The mobile versions feel like they were designed by a designer who understands UI and the value of a well designed UX. The desktop version feels like it was designed by someone in the IT department. It lacks a richness and a connection to every other touchpoint of the evernote platform (visually)... web or mobile apps. Heck, even a hint of color on it's very gray, drab, interface would be a plus...

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the list view is the best but still shows more than i want to see.... wish i could literally just see the name of the note.


Ctrl-click on the header and you can show as many or as few columns as you like.

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