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The ideal way to use Evernote on a Mac running Parallels and Win 7



Running Evernote with a 6 GB database on an older Mac Pro/Mavericks and running Win 7 under Parallels 9.


Most of my work is done on the Mac side but I VPN to work on the  Win side and use  Outlook 2010 extensively. I like using the Evernote add-in for Outlook. I use dual monitors with one OS on each. I haven't played around with Coherence mode.


To minimize the Windows Virtual Machine, I wish there were a way top preserver the current functionality but have just one instance of the the Evernote database on this machine. I think I must not be capitalizing on the higher level of integration between the two OS's


My VM was > 40GB and I hate to add my 6GB Evernote database to that.


I haven't yet discovered whether every change to the Windows VM will cause Time Machine to do an entire backup or just an incremental backup.



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