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Auto-import on a mac when the program is opened



I know how to auto import into a Mac using Hazel using this : http://www.macworld.com/article/2029451/how-i-went-paperless-with-hazel-and-evernote.html and it works great. The only problem is it opens Evernote and keeps "focus" throughout, if I am scanning a bunch of stuff it keeps my Mac busy for a while. What I would like is to have the import triggered only when I open Evernote.


Just not sure how to do this.




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I haven't tried this, but what happens if you get rid of the word "activate" from the script?

That worked perfectly, thanks. With Evernote closed and the event triggers, you see Evernote popup for one second on the dock and then does everything in the background. This is really cool...thanks so much!!!

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