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(Archived) Saved Image Attachments. No .jpg extension.


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I am having an issue with images from notes that I try to save to my desktop.  When I "save attachments" the files are saved, but they lack the .jpg extension and will not open in photo viewers.  If I rename the file with the .jpg extension they work fine.  How do I avoid having to manually rename all these files?


If I drag individual images from Evernote to a desktop folder the .jpg is there.  If I select all and try to drag the images, it won't let me.


If it matters, the images were taken as a snapshot from the Evernote mobile app.



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I also have found out that snapshots from the Android Evernote App do not have the .jpg extension. This is the problem in this case.

Snapshots from Evernote on Android should save the pictures with .jpg extension. Then everything would work as expected when saving this pictures at later times.

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It seems this is a known bug with pictures taken through the Android app,  and Evernote is working on that.  Other pictures shouldn't be affected though - if you;re saying that images not taken with your Android camera are causing this issue,  then I'd raise a support ticket (see below).  The workaround for the moment is to take pictures with the camera outside of the app and then share those pictures to Evernote or drag/ drop them into a note.

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