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All my application windows have disappeared on my desktop Evernote :(





Been using Evernote for about 6 months on my Macbook Pro, iPad 4  and iPhone 5. Everything was going well until last Friday...


I opened up Evernote on my MBP (running OS 10.8.5) and there were no windows available to view. Been through all the options and can get the 'sync' window up and that's it. Tried 'new Evernote window' but nothing happens. I can create a new note but once I close the note on my MBP I can't get it back on the MBP.


All my data is still there and syncs properly so I can see it on the iPhone and iPad but I can't do anything from the desktop version of Evernote :(


Tried deleting everything and reinstalling, tried logging out then in again and no change.


Appreciate any help/feedback regarding this issue


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  Being able to see your data on iPhone and iPad doesn't mean your MBP is still good - everything is synced through Evernote's servers,  so all you're seeing is web (or local) data.  Check that your notes are OK online via Evernote.com.  I'd suggest you try again to uninstall and reinstall Evernote completely (there are more detailed instructions in the forum if you need them) and if that doesn't work,  raise a support ticket (see below).

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Thanks for the reply Gazumped. My data on Evernote.com is all there (relative to my iphone). My ipad needed restoring this morning and now isn't picking up a note that was modified yesterday, but in essence I don't think any data has been lost. will try the uninstall/reinstall process next

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