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Is there any way you can add scroll arrows beyond the bottom of the used page.


I hate looking at and typing on the bottom of my screen, and prefer looking towards the top of the screen.  One Note has this feature and it is a neck saver when sitting in class typing lecture notes while sitting in a desk that is too small forcing me to have the computer way too close.

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Creating a note in Evernote (as you know) means typing in the note window,  which by default is bottom right of the screen.  If you have a list of notes above that,  you can simply hit F11 to close the list,  or use some of the other View options to close down unused bits of the screen temporarily while you're note-taking.  That should get your note further up the screen.  There are also apps that will create a new note and save it to Evernote,  or Word- or Wordpad-style WP software that you can use to take notes and then cut / paste content or attach the files into Evernote.  (I occasionally use the "email to" option in Word to send my content to Evernote).


I gathered the editor was being looked at,  so maybe one of the next iterations of Evernote will have some useful improvements for you.

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