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Feature Request: book/textbook authoring support



I am sure that many of you use Evernote for writing.  I would like to use it at a database for publishing - however I am searching for better integration with text editing and educational tools  In particular I am embarking on writing materials for French language program using ebook publishing, social media, and writing materials for a MOOC.


I would like to know if others are using Evernote for publishing and how they are doing it (i.e.:  workflow, etc).


I am using:  scrivener, pages, word, evernote, filemaker - and a number of social media tools - but there is a missing link in going from one medium to another.  


So... If there would be a way to compile longer articles or book materials from a suite of evernote folders, stacks, that would be awesome.  then send the results to an epub editor.  


Any thoughts?



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