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Business card picture

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Each time I take a picture - business card or other- with the Evernote app, my IOS7 iPhone goes back to the general menu, and of course nothing happens !

Is that an ios problem or Evernote ?

It was working sometimes ago, but I upgraded to Evernote Premium ! Can this be the origin of the problem.

I am not very good with tech, can somebody help ?

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When you say "general menu" do you mean Evernote's main screen, or do you mean the iPhone's home screen (with all your applications in a grid)?

Either way:


1) Try turning your phone off and restarting it.

If that doesn't fix the problem

2) Try deleting the application and re-installing it (don't worry, your data are stored on Evernote's servers so it will all come back as soon as you log into the newly installed application)

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