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i am using evernote as a work log/time record...    but some functions is not optimal or missing for it to work perfect..



you would it to look something like in example below  this but in a more automatic mode.. 

ie possible to inject time(in diffrent modes , whole hour,30min,15,min,exact for example)

also than intend was keept til next time injection. annd sorting on note label so editing inside note can be made without messing up the order of notes..








2 Feb  - 3.0h (office work)


17:30      at office

               going trough work queue.


18:00      writing a post on evernote forum

               reagarding time stamp etc......


19:00      updating mailbox

               finish off setup project 4


20:30      day end.







ofcourse i can do as now , manually entering the text/space and so on..

but it is not so efficient. and switching platforms windows/ android mobile where i wont look so neat anymore cos of a small screen


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  You probably know that there are various shortcuts to get you a date & time stamp in the Windows client,  so your record could look like - 


02/02/2014 17:48
  • Office
  • work queue
02/02/2014 18:00
  • post to forum
  • check mail
02/02/2014 19:18
  • etc
  • etc

- though that doesn't work so well in Android - no time stamp.  (Yet.)


Evernote seem to be improving the editor features,  so you may get some more time-related tools in future;  but short term you will have to look at compromising your method,  or using another app for the meantime.

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i am using evernote as a work log/time record...    but some functions is not optimal or missing for it to work perfect..


As a consultant, I have used Evernote in many ways.  It is great at logging, notes, events, actions, etc.

But it is very poor at logging/recording time that involves any type of calculation.


While we never know what new feature Evernote will add, my suggestion is to find a better tool for time keeping, one that you may be able to use with Evernote.


There are many time keeping apps/systems available, and you may very well find one to your liking.

However, I have found that it is hard to beat Excel for simplicity and flexibility.

You could create an Excel Workbook (file) that provides the time keeping, logging, calculations that your require.

Then, add this as an attachment to an Evernote Note, that you would use as a template.

You could then copy this Note template for use on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis according to your needs.

Also, an Evernote Premium account will actually display the Excel file inline in the Note.


As a simpler alternative, If all you want is a nice table to record your time and description without any calculations, then you can create a Word Table, and copy just the table (not the file) into an EN Note, that would be used as a template.

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