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(Archived) Optional Simple Text-Only-Editor


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Can't we have to option to create simple text only notes? Similar to a source code editor.  In 95% of all cases I want text only notes (bold text for some sort of captions would be fine). But editing this HTML/WYSIWIG text is often very annoying.


E.g. I have code snippets. But the line break handling ist rather intended for regular text.


Or I want to copy a word within a text line in the Evernote editor into a Secure Shell command window. For some reason Evernote adds line breaks before the words..
(If i only select the IP address in "[client 6x.2x9.7x.2x]", copy it and then paste it somewhere else I get a line break before the first number and two after the last number (!?))


Another issues are the line brakes. Eg. If I want to copy parts (a few lines) of log files for further investigation, they are difficult to read if there is an automatic line brake. So here I would like to scroll the window. UltraEdit has solved this with a button where you can switch between scrolling and line brakes.

I'd really like to have text onle notes!

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